Six Degrees of Camp Runoia

Rushing to get to work I stepped on an ottoman, which immediately flipped. I landed on my neck and face causing spinal injuries in two neck disks. Ending up at Maine Medical Center and looking at neurosurgery was not a fun experience. My neurosurgeon was confident it was an easy fix and so I relied on his expertise. A week of hospitalization, rehab and five weeks of a neck brace followed.

Happily I am back at work, regaining my stamina and beginning to feel like myself again. A huge thanks to all who helped me though the experience and my surgeon who happens to have the good judgment to be a Camp Runoia Dad!6 degrees spider web

This note was written by our camp nurse of almost two decades. Kathy Dishner volunteers every summer still with check in and her husband, Ted, is returning for his sixth summer as Head of Target Sports and Woodshop. Both of their daughters attended Runoia as children and worked at camp as counselors. Thank you Dishner family for your generosity toward Runoia, your belief in camp and your contributions to camp every summer. Kathy, we are so glad you are healthy and healing from your spill and that your surgeon was a Runoia parent! It is a small world indeed.


Six degrees of separation is a reference that we only ever six people away from someone we are interacting with (a friend of a friend type thing). There’s also a decent movie that’s a comedy about the subject titled, you guessed it, Six Degrees of Separation.

We used to laugh at Baynie, one of our long time alumna who knew everyone in the world and whenever you met someone they knew her or knew of her and/or she knew of them. As Runoia’s name continues to build cache through its 110 years, we truly believe six degrees of separation from Camp Runoia is a real thing.

A Visual for Six Degrees of Separation
A Visual for Six Degrees of Separation
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