Camp ready or not?

Can you believe my son will be 9 this summer and to the shock of many of my camp colleagues he will not be heading off to overnight camp. There are no shortage of options and many boys camp directors ready to welcome him through their gate but he just isn’t ready. I am honestly not even sure that camp is ever going to be his thing only time will tell.  He feels like his summer is already perfect why would he want anything different?  We spend the school year challenging the routine and structure of school so ‘camp’ to him is his time to chill out and free range.


I committed a long time ago to not forcing my children to be campers just because it was my job.  My oldest daughter did a variety of programs most in NYC and she ended up on staff at a dance camp located on a ritzy college campus about as far from the Maine woods as you can get! My youngest daughter can’t wait to be full summer in a cabin at Runoia.  She is definitely ready and excited for this next step.  As for Ri you’ll find him digging in mud puddles, picking blue berries, building sandcastles and living life to the max at ‘his’ camp.

This year at Runoia we are excited to introduce Harmony Land Camp.  It is a shorter, self-contained program to give some girls the opportunity to try camp life and being away from home.  As we know kids grow and develop at all different speeds and they are camp ‘ready’ at their own time. Helping parents figure out if it is their daughter’s camp time is something that we love to do.

IMG_2666-1We still have a few openings for the 2016 season so if you are pondering camp for your daughter give us a call.

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