Finding Harmony

Where do you find harmony? Where does your child find harmony?

Harmony in a Moment at Camp
Harmony in a Camp Moment

Is it in that first cup of coffee? Or is harmony found amid a car ride to school, where perhaps there are a few quiet moments to connect and communicate? Maybe it is in a sunrise or sunset, or the dinner table that occasionally finds everyone gathered around.

For me, finding harmony started with a mid-afternoon walk, a text and a podcast.

The text? A few words that came across my phone noting that my niece was heading to Iceland on a few week adventure.

The podcast? A short story of two folks who once used a roll of a dice to lead them, by chance, to explore new places during their week vacation.

A text, a podcast and that afternoon walk invited me to find harmony.  Those few moments inspired me to think differently about my upcoming summer.

Yes, it’s good in Cleveland, but where and what else should be explored? Where else can I grow, grow with others seeking the “harmony” in life?

Remembering a love of Maine from vacations of the past, a simple Google search of camps quickly led me to Runoia. Runoia, Native American for “harmony.”

A Special Runoia Waterfront Spot
A Special Runoia Waterfront Spot

Belgrade Lakes, archery, loons, stained glass, horses, family style dining, ceramics, campfires by the lake and plenty of traditions…Yes, this was sounding like harmony to me.

Beyond the age of a camper, this summer I will become part of the staff – the team – that will work together to create harmony among a camp filled with young ladies.

For me, harmony is about taking this time to join Runoia, to become part of a community, and to work towards a program that benefits all.

This summer, harmony will be about the sunsets, and the loons, a new stained glass project. Harmony will be about the first arrow a young lady shoots. Harmony will be about kayaks, and books being read aloud in a cabin as the moon rises. Harmony will be about Sunday evening programs by the lake, and trips to places never explored.

A Loon on Great Pond
A Loon on Great Pond

Harmony will be about opportunities to grow, and learn and explore. Together.

This summer, harmony will be about Runoia and I can’t wait.

What about you? Where and how will you find your harmony?

Written and submitted by Jeannie Fleming-Gifford, Camp Runoia Summer Assistant Director

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