Camp Runoia vs Law School

When I submitted my law school applications, I was 19 years old. I say that as if it were a long time ago, but it was really only two months ago. Since then I have been accepted to all of the schools that I applied to and life seems to have calmed down a little bit.

12633663_966413816777936_6899446252002737785_o As a senior in college right now I am preparing to walk across a stage in May and receive a very expensive and important piece of paper. I look at my life and this is what I see: a national competition mock trial team that I built and helped grow, a job as an RA in one of the residence halls on my campus, a position in the admissions office that allows me to interact with prospective students, three law school acceptances, and so much more!

blog3I am often asked by prospective students and underclassmen how I got to where I am today. I find that my answer is always the same. It is my adventurous spirit, my dedication to others, and my fearlessness that have led to my success.

These three things have proven to be my most valuable assets in achieving both academically and in life. But I didn’t just stumble upon these one day, they did not just appear,… they were developed at Camp Runoia, of all places. When I was younger, I didn’t go to a sleep away camp much, but I am approaching my third summer at Runoia and I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today were it not for my time in Harmony Land. It is at Runoia that my spirit is its most adventurous. It is at Runoia that I am reminded every minute of every day about the importance of selflessness, friendship and service. It is at Runoia that I stopped being self-conscious and afraid of being judged and became a person that I am proud of.

blogThanks to third year staffer Allee Von Stackelberg for this weeks blog.

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