Odd Mum out!

We were pretty busy over school vacation. We didn’t go anywhere too far away but spent time doing activities together that we don’t often get a chance to fit in.  When we didn’t go visiting family and friends our days included plenty of fun both indoors and out.  We like to be active: we went dog walking up the local mountain (dog-sitting Runoia’s Jake was a good excuse);  ice skating at the indoor arena as the pond across the street isn’t frozen yet; to the big trampoline park to get in not only bouncy time but slack lining and playing in the giant hamster balls too.  The waterpark is only an hour away and is always good for a few hours on a freezing cold day; swimming is the summer activity that we miss the most when we are not at camp.  Of course when it did finally snow a microscopic amount we hit the local ski slope to get warmed up for the season.

skiOne thing that I noticed while out and about was how many parents looked so bored sitting around the edges while their kids were having a great time.  I am not passing judgement I am sure that there are many reasons for adults to not join in the fun but it just never occurred to me to not participate.  I began to feel a bit like the odd Mum out.  Why would I want to sit and watch when I can take part? My kids can get a great laugh at my efforts, we get to make memories together and it allows my children to be better than me at a bunch of stuff – there is definitely no front handspring on the trampoline from me these days! I also appreciate getting some good exercise and having plain old fun.

jumpI’m not my kids tag-along for everything and believe me I am more than happy when they are tucked up in bed for the night and I get some quiet time. I enjoy being the odd mum out and thank goodness I have a bunch of grown up friends who like to join me.

skatingObviously there is no actual photographic evidence of me doing any of these activities as I was far too busy having fun.  Might be time to buy a selfie stick!

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