This time of year is a typical time for reflections on the year behind and dreams and goals for the year ahead. At Camp Runoia we build lifelong skills through daily, weekly and session long goal setting. Although we fondly hash tag “magic happens” – ironically most of the magic that comes out of the camp experience is planned and intentional youth development. These building blocks for goal setting set the stage for growth and a lifelong skills of reaching for and working toward things beyond our grasp.


AT climbers on Bigelow!

Many Runoia campers learn about goal setting and marking achievements along the way to meet that goal through camp life. Daily reflections by way of “circle up” at the end of the day with cabin-mates and counselors at Runoia might be a “pit and a peach”, a “rose and a thorn” or a “pickle and a candy”. Runoia campers take a moment each day to think about and share what was hard for them and what they feel proud about from the day. Sometimes sharing “a peach bud or a rose bud or a seed” helps campers to think about what they’d like to start working on through camp activities or their major activity for the week. maine01

What we have found to be true is talking about what you experience makes it memorable, etches what you’ve learned and builds on the experience making it more profound or magical. Announcing to others what you found challenging and what you feel proud about and what you want to work on, allows you to feel as sense of gain, a positive experience even if it was hard along the way.hal01

As all of us take time to reflect and set goals for the year, thinking about how we set daily, weekly and session goals in the summer helps get better about setting goals for the year. Leave it to camp to help build skills that last a lifetime. And it never hurts to dream a little about how #magichappens, too!

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