Solace from the Winter Solstice

As we approach the shortest day of the year, our minds turn toward summer time where the days stretch on and on and dusk lasts beyond bedtime.

Ying Yang Like Summer and Winter

The winter’s ying to the summer’s yang is a reminder of contrasts in every day life: can you enjoy the warmth without cold? Does the summer lake water feel more welcome after you’ve skated on the same frozen pond? Do the fresh spring leaves inspire you with delight after their branches have been barren all winter?

How about the cool touch of snow and the way a fire side evening melts it away?

Lingering Bits of a Summer's Day
Lingering Bits of a Summer’s Day

What about seeing a friend after ten months of being away?

Short winter Days
Short winter Days

Or unplugging from a phone and social media to take in the beauty of a campfire or sunset reflecting on the lake, a warm friend near you and the depth of conversations not spoken in IM lingo?



Fleeting moments of a winter’s day makes us yearn for endless summer. Bring it all on so we know the difference. Revel and make merriment in the depth of the darkness only to sojourn in a summer day. Peace to all in the Runoia world!

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