Let it snow?!

The weather outside is gorgeous!

It’s beginning to look at lot like April. The weather in Maine is incredibly mild which is so very unusual for this time of year.  With not a glimpse of the fluffy, white stuff to be had it has an interesting impact on the feelings of the season.  My children have never in their lives had a Christmas without snow.  I am fielding lots of questions about how on earth Santa is going to make the trek from the North Pole without a soft landing spot.  Luckily having grown up in a country where there is almost never snow in December I can reassure them that he will definitely get here.  Our conversations then turned to camp and ‘what if the snow came later and it was still freezing in June?’   An interesting thought and one we hope will not come true any time in the near future.  While it would certainly be fun to have a winter camp session filled with ice skating, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and of course s’mores around a roaring fire we love our long summer days.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe weather certainly plays a huge role on our perception of events and experiences.  We expect here in Maine that it will be cold and snowy for the Holidays and that the summer will be filled with long, warm days.  We shall embrace our mild winter and imagine what it would be like if we could actually ski over break while hoping we will get our fair share of snow long before it is time for camp.

Hoping you all have days that are merry, bright and filled with the kind of weather that suits your activities.  Here at camp we will enjoy seeing the grass for a few more weeks and celebrate not having to shovel yet.

Sending best wishes for the season from our homes to yours,

The Runoia Team campstamp2


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