Runoia Poetry and Writing

Poetry and Writing from Runoia

Runoia Unique – by Third Shack

Shoes decorate the porch to the Lodge as laughter escapes the four walls.

Inside kids that were once strangers are now bonded by friendship bracelets and stories of horse riding and wind surfing.

Piled by the fire in crazy creeks and singing songs of the blue waves, I am in awe of the compassion and acceptance around me. At Runoia, campers come from all across the world to find their home away from home.DSC_0872

The Lake by Lizzie N.

By the trees
With the leaves
I like to sit
Ideas lit in my mind
By the lake
Riding the wake
I sit and breathe
Maybe even weave
Away from canned foods
Electric hairblowers,
Dumb TVs.
I like to sit
Maybe bike
At the lake.
The Lake
The Lake

Camp Runoia by Charlotte W.

Crazy fun
Amazing Experience
Memories that will last a lifetime
Probably the best camp ever.
Ready to come next year
Uniqued yet fun activities
Never boring
On beautiful Great Pond
Inspires me to come back every year
Always fun
The Logs
The Logs
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