Service learning at camp

This summer during their 7 weeks at camp our incredible group of CIT’s managed to fit in more than 20 hours each of community service.  They participated in a wide range of activities from seeking out invasive Eurasian milfoil along our camp shoreline to running the kids table at the local Aquafest.

CIT volunteersThey put to use the skills they gained through their CIT program while also providing much needed support to local organizations that rely on volunteers to operate.

They also increased Camp Runoia’s visibility in our local community and built positive connections between camp and area organizations.  They were able to chat with summer visitors about the camp experience and the value camp plays in their lives.

Lobster shelbsIt was a powerful experiential learning experience for the girls and the skills they worked on translated easily to other aspects of their CIT program and to their everyday lives.  The lifelong skills and enthusiasm for volunteer service that they built at camp will stay with them as they grow and learn in life.

What are you doing to make a difference in your community?

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