Camp Runoia Magic

Magic…Magic Happens.  Magic happens here.

Where is here?  Here is everywhere you are.

Who are you?  You are a Runoia Gal.

DSC_0061The allure of the calling loon, the cool breeze off the lake, the feeling of sand between your toes, the crackle of the camp fire, giggles and cuddles with friends and counselors, climbing to the top of ropes, hitting a bull’s-eye, swimming to Oak Island… that is magic.

But it is not felt at summer camp for all immediately…the reality is behind the magic is bravery.  And bravery takes trust and love…confidence and courage….time.

It takes a brave girl to leave their home of 11 months to come home to Runoia for 1.

But in that one month…magic evolves with an organic nature.


Peaceful Moment by Great Pond
Peaceful Moment by Great Pond

Runoia means harmony in Abenaki, and thus we call this camp “Harmony Land” and it is here, that girls and young women travel from near and far, descending on Great Pond.   There is an enormous amount of courage and bravery and love that endure.  It is no easy task to leave your place of comfort and convenience, leave your parents and your school, leave your friends and your teams, your phones and your connectedness with technology.

Camp has begun…and as the sun rises each morning we all will bring our best selves to Harmony Land for an experience of a lifetime.  We will laugh and we will cry, we will smile and we will frown, we will grow and we will change, we will be here.  We will be one with each other, woven in harmonious exploration of self.

We will be Runoia Gals…and that is MAGIC.

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