What Camp Means to Me

Camp Runoia has helped make me who I am today. Runoia has taught me many life lessons, 
especially how to adjust to change in my life. Before camp, I had never been away from my parents.  
Although it was extremely hard for me being away from my family my first year, 
Pam and the staff handled themselves great, always being there for me when I was feeling homesick.  
The second and third year, I had a fantastic time, and had started to learn how to adjust 
to the change of not being with my family. Now, fast forward to college.  
I am from Pennsylvania and because Camp Runoia taught me to be an independent woman, 
I was able to go to the University of Maine.  Here at the University of Maine, 
I met my now fiancé, John and are now settling in the Portland, Maine region.  
I would never have been able to go to college far away from my parents, if I had not been to Runoia.  
Camp Runoia has helped me become a strong independent woman. I am so grateful for my time at Runoia, 
and feel that sending me to Runoia was the greatest gift they ever gave me, for at Runoia 
I learned so many life lessons. I really believe I would not have the life I have today 
without Camp Runoia. 

Anastasia Kerner
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