The Gift of Camp Keeps on Giving

The Gift of Camp

A package arrived in the mail this week from a camper.  The box was addressed:

Camp Runoia – the most wonderful gift of all

Inside was a beautiful tree ornament of a glass kayak. The family wrote a note describing how every year they pick out an ornament that represents something important in their lives. This year, the kayak symbolized camp and how important camp was to their daughter. They thought it appropriate to mail one to camp to show their gratitude and appreciation.

At Runoia, we are thankful for the thoughtfulness of this family and also feel the gift of camp is an amazing, life changing, skill building, educational and fun experience you can provide for your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. To all our families and all who believe in camp – thank you!

Peace on earth and goodwill to all,

Camp Runoia

Kayak of Gratitude
Kayak of Gratitude
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