Arriving soon
New friends
Time to try new things
Incredible excitement
Campers are coming!
Imagine floating on Great Pond
Almost here
Ideal way to spend your summer
Organizing paperwork!
Nearly time!

Here in Maine the long anticipated spring crept in early and we greeted its arrival with great happiness. After the barren days of winter the smallest signs of new life were heralded everyday with much excitement and joy.  From the daffodils and peepers to the budding leaves and lilacs each day brings something new that seems to have magically grown while we were sleeping.

Our days at camp are rapidly approaching too and each day now brings us one closer to our time together on Great Pond.  The subtle preparations for being at camp are beginning, perhaps writing to a new friend, thinking about school ending, deciding what to pack, buying supplies and ordering new uniforms.  At camp the grass is already a bright green, the winter debris is being picked up and Pam is hunting daily for the illusive and rare lady slippers that grow around the Lodge.  We are preparing for the arrivals of our staff and campers, gathering in paperwork, ordering equipment, putting the final tweaks on program improvements and generally spending hours each day checking off the list all of the things that need to be done before June.  Each day we are getting a little more excited about it finally being ‘summer.’

We shall try to contain our excitement as we head into June and cannot wait to see all of our 2012 community gathered at camp.

More information about the rare and endangered Lady slippers

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