On Love and Relationships at Runoia

At camp we often talk about the value of relationships and encourage personal interactions with people of all ages. Learning how to build relationships and cultivate friendships are great life skills that our girls work on every day. Our campers old and new will often say that camp is where you make your ‘best friends’ that ‘last forever’ and where people love you unconditionally.

At camp we live together 24/7 and share the ups and downs of everyday life; we bond on a level not often found with friends in our schools or towns.  We develop new relationships as well as build on old ones that have formed over our summers of being together in this special place.  Runoia girls will say “camp is where they are their true self” or “ at camp I am the real me”.  Relationships seem stronger and truer compared to other venues where they feel that they may have to ‘fake it’ to make the connection. Runoia friends don’t care if you area math whiz, good at soccer or like pickles they value you for who you are and the great times you have together.

Throughout the summer we share hopes and dreams, make goals and meet challenges and help each other to have the time of our lives.

Camp love is…

… a place where everyone knows your name

… because you have friends for life

… where you always have hand to hold walking down the path to the lake

… where you can be “sisters for the summer”

… a chance at starting fresh or starting where you left off last year

… S’mores

… singing “Rolling over the billows”

… hearing a loon call echoing across the lake

… feeling the glow of a Sunday Campfire

… Runoia

Happy Valentine’s Day – Share the Runoia Love – we hope your hearts are filled with anticipation for your new summer at Runoia. For returning campers: filled with the memories of summers past. And, for all: hopes and dreams for the summers to come.

Written by Alex Jackson for the Runoia Team

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