Camp Runoia’s ‘to do’ lists

Hard to believe that we just had another 6” of snow this past weekend but we are hopeful that there is a touch of spring in the air.  We are getting very excited to start our 112th season on the shores of Great Pond.  At this time of year we have a lot of Camp Runoia ’to do’ lists and just lists in general.  The cabin list already looks very full, the hired staff list is coming along nicely, Glenn is checking things off the maintenance list and the alumnae organization has checked off their winter reunions.  We have lists that keep us on track for what needs to get done at this time of year and also lists that evolve as we discuss and plan for the upcoming summer.

Monday mornings often find me rewriting my to do list. Last week’s looks like a disaster with crossings out, added notes, scribbles, doodles, phone numbers and a myriad of incomprehensible ramblings.  It is evidence of a productive work week but not a very useful tool for the new week.  I like to start the week with a fresh sheet of paper and a pencil (yeah I’m old school).

Making a new list creates a sense of accomplishment (and occasionally disappointment), the things that were completed are left on last week’s list and a fresh list brings hope for the new week.  Sometimes it is lengthy and as camp time draws near it can be a little overwhelming but often it is short as new items will get added as the week goes on.  Our Directors meeting on Tuesdays always drum’s up some new additions and each day can be unexpected as the business of camp is often unpredictable.  Lists are apparently good for us and there are many great articles and blogs about the why’s and how’s.

We are pretty excited that the camp database can now produce lists of the blue and white team! If you’re an alum make sure we know your team.  Legacy campers follow their Mother onto a team so the accuracy of the list is very important.

Historical lists are very important.

If signing your daughter up for overnight camp is on your list we recommend doing it soon at spaces at Camp Runoia are now very limited.

Happy to be checking this week’s blog post off of my list!


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