Zoomies – virtual reality

Zooming around the Camp Runoia office this week I managed to miss 2 scheduled virtual meetings. They were on my calendar and I also received those handy reminders directly into my inbox yet somehow I still failed to get onto the calls. How is that possible when I am sitting at my desk working and know that I have them scheduled? Its zoom fatigue and overload for sure. There is now so much available virtually. I would honestly never have attended this many meetings and training sessions in a regular pre-covid week. Not having travel time makes it seem like there is so much more time logistically available to attend sessions. Virtual over booking is definitely becoming a real problem.


It’s hard to resist when opportunities are so accessible.  It’s super easy to sign up for another webinar or training clinic and often far less expensive than when they were previously offered in person.  I have chorus on zoom, camp directors meetings, school conferences and a myriad of other get together’s and meetings that may or may not have once been in person. There are definitely extra connections now that likely would have been a quick email or phone call prior to the zoom room and which now get a scheduled meeting time and link.


The technology is amazing for sure, even with low tech home equipment we can get transported around the world and into meetings all over the place.  It’s great to be able to be in a ‘room’ with my family in the UK as an in person visit still seems a long way off. Interviewing Camp Runoia staff all over the country is easy and efficient and gives me a lot more information than a phone call might do. Camp information is being shared so easily across the country, I loved joining the West Coast camps conference which was much more affordable than it would have been to attend in person.

My favorite training location!


In the past year we have all had to quickly learn a new way to represent ourselves professionally and socially. There are multiple training sessions about getting the most out of your zoom calls. I’m not sure I even ever want to ‘zoom like a pro’. You can also check out appropriate zoom etiquette.  Even with all of the available coaching and our endless hours of experience it is still pretty entertaining that poor internet connections, the infamous mute button and everyone’s pets and small children provide meeting hilarity on a regular basis.


While I am grateful for the technology and happy that we have a solution to the current problems of not being able to be in person I truly cannot wait to be back in real life with actual people and not squares on a screen. I want to see people’s body language, share a laugh that isn’t stuck in cyberspace and be able to interact easily. I am ready for even socially distanced, masked up,  outdoor staff training on Great Pond. I will be sure not to miss any of those in person meetings!

Take me back to the good old simple days.