A moment in time.

Vernal pools temporary yet essential.

As the snow finally melts here in Maine and we transition into what is often a short spring there are many new and temporary delights to be found.  Around camp where the water is pooling in depressions or a small stream has widened on its way down to Great Pond you can now see vernal pools.  While they will likely be long gone by the time the campers arrive for the moment they provide a temporary habitat for the creatures emerging from the winter.  Although vernal pools may only contain water for a relatively short period of time, they serve as essential breeding habitat for certain species of Maine wildlife, including salamanders and frogs.  The air at night is now loudly filled with the noise of spring peepers and wood frogs that are quickly mating and laying eggs before the pools dry up.

03_wetThis time of year is energizing and engaging, we see signs that summer will soon be here and still have a quiet moment to enjoy the beautiful environment around us.  How fortunate we are that Ms. Weiser and Ms. Pond found the perfect spot for Runoia amidst the tall, shady, pine trees.  Much of our property is in a tree farm easement which allows us to keep the natural habitat available for all of our local wildlife.

vernalWhile individual people’s time at Runoia may be temporary we are grateful to all who have stepped through the gates and left their mark on our camp.  The vision of our founders and those that have preserved Runoia as a camp along with all of our girls and counselors breed the memories that will be preserved for a lifetime.  The summer of 2015 like a vernal pool or lunar moth will exist for only a short moment in time yet will grow the spirit of Runoia for generations to come.