Gratitude for Camp

The holiday season always has us reflecting on the previous summer, looking forward to the next, and pausing to feel gratitude for camp and our community – the campers, staff, families, and alumni that make each summer so magical.

You’ve heard and seen us mention ‘the gift of camp’ time and time again – not just this season, but for years now! That’s because we truly view the camp experience as a gift – when our alumni reflect on their own camp experience, it’s common to hear shares of gratitude for whoever made camp a possibility for them. When we make the camp experience possible for a child, as the CRAO does for so many campers through our campership program, we’re gifting more than just 3 weeks of fun and sunshine. We’re gifting life-long friends, an opportunity for growth, hidden passions discovered, confidence, resilience, and so much more. 

But hey – you don’t have to take our word for it! We took to Instagram to ask: “What is something Camp Runoia has given you that you’re grateful for?”

So many members of our community – current campers, staff, alumni, and families alike openly shared their best take-aways from camp.

There was no shortage of incredible answers – we’d love to share just a few of our favorites with you.

Camp gave me…

“Beautiful memories!”

“Confidence to be my own person”


“My friends that I now consider family and all the amazing memories – I’m so thankful”

“My best friend! And opportunities to try things I never imagined I would.”

“Friends who I maybe never see, but that I have for a lifetime”

“A child who is secure to be away from home.”


“New experiences with new friends!”


“I mended with my twin at camp – we’re besties now and talk regularly!”

“My best friends in the whole world!”

“Horseback riding <3”


“Amazing memories”

“The experiences of a lifetime and some of the best friends!”

“My oldest and most lasting friends.”

… just to name a few. Thank you to our community members who shared their own gratitude for camp – we certainly see a theme, there – friendship!



With Gratitude for our Girls and Families

Greetings from Camp Runoia!

The month of November is often associated with gratitude. Like so many, we find ourselves thinking about people, places and things we are grateful for, and we are grateful for you ~ our parents, families and girls that make Runoia the special place it is for all of us.  A “summer camp” is really just some land and buildings until you add the special ingredient… people. We know there are so many ways a girl can spend her summer, and we feel fortunate that you value the camp experience enough to choose Runoia for your daughter. We also appreciate that it can be a bit “nervous-making” to entrust your child to others. We are honored that you have chosen us and trust us to care for your daughter while she is with us in the summer.

We take this trust very seriously and strive to hire the type of counselors that will serve as positive adult role models as they teach, mentor, care for, and have fun with your daughter. We will do our best to create an environment where girls can discover themselves, make positive choices, develop life skills, create deep friendships, have joyous fun, and create memories that will last throughout their lives. We are very lucky to do this special work of camp.

We are so excited that so many girls have already re-enrolled for 2018. Perhaps you know a girl that would be a perfect addition to our community? We do still have a few spots available in all of our sessions, so please share your stories of the Runoia experience with your friends. Camp is a wonderful gift to share.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and many thanks again for being a part of our Runoia family!

Best wishes,