Giving Tuesday – be the change

I’m sure that on this Giving Tuesday you have been bombarded with emails and Facebook requests from your favorite nonprofits and charities asking for your donation to make a difference to their organization.  Our alumnae organization the CRAO is always thrilled to receive donations at any time of year.  The money they raise supports our camper scholarship program.

Mass giving produces amazing results as we know that many people giving just a little can add up to a lot which has a significant impact.

We are excited to announce that for our Holiday giving this year we will be making a Camp Runoia donation on behalf of our campers and staff to World of Change.  Every year for holiday gift giving we pick an organization that is aligned with our philosophy and which supports a community that is relevant to us.  We are thrilled this year to donate to World of Change and will continue our giving through the summer so start saving your change now!  There will be change collections at camp during drop off and pick up days and ongoing for our staff.

Did you know that: “There’s an estimated $10 billion in loose change sitting idle in American households – an average of $90 per household not being put to use. Another estimate calculates $62 million in spare change is discarded every year. World of Change® is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization, which uses a series of ongoing matching challenges and grassroots fundraising efforts to mobilize and leverage this collective capacity.”

If all of our families, alumnae and staff found just $50 in loose change around their homes and offices  we could potentially donate over $20,000!  A number of Maine Camp Experience summer camps are joining this cause and hoping that together we can collect a significant amount of money much of which stays right here in our local communities.

You truly can be the change that you want to see in the world.  Have a scavenger hunt around the house and see who comes up with the most loose change!

If you are inspired to be a change maker – donate directly to World of Change.