You are the chosen few who can finish bo-bo-ski-watin-datten…you know that Marjorie isn’t just the name of a camper, and that Johnny lives forever at the tennis courts.

Alumnae from different years and decades share a magical bond because we have been lucky enough to experience Maine summers at Runoia, and we know we are better people and stronger women for it.

The mission of CRAO, a 501 (c) 3 organization, is to provide financial assistance to campers who otherwise would likely not be able to attend. The Betty Cobb Memorial Campership Fund of donations providing financial assistant to a number of campers each summer.

Here you can read the Fall 2017 newsletter to catch up about camp. “The Log”

A snapshot of Runoia history: Camp Runoia was founded in 1907 by Lucy Weiser and Jessie Pond. In 1959, Phil and Betty Cobb, who met at Phil’s father’s camp, Camp Wyonegonic, bought Camp Runoia from Lucy Weiser. In 1991, the Cobb’s daughter, Pam Cobb Heuberger joined them and bought Camp Runoia. Betty and Pam continued to run camp together until Betty Cobb passed away in 2003. The directors have been supported by wonderful women who spent decades at Runoia including Marion “Johnny” Johnson, Diane Smith and MJ Auns. The many camp families and campers and counselors all contributed to what Runoia is today!

CRAO 110th Reunion – Hail Hail Comrades True!

We sang, we talked, we caught up, we met new friends. We swam, we sailed, we canoed, we sang again! Save the date for the 115th reunion in 2021!


Camp Runoia Alumnae Organization (CRAO) Board of Directors:

President: Roberta “Boop” Tabell Jordan
Vice President: Anne McKenna
Treasurer: Jamie Cluchey
Secretary: Diane Smith
Annie-Mac Kilian
Nandy Florey Bradford
Matti Williams Bradley
Jenny Sachs Dahnert
Chad Diamond
Jody Rowell Dixon
Holly Rutherford Bukacek
MJ Auns
Jody Sataloff
Angela Marzilli
Krissy Auns Oliver
Betsy Nicholson

Kara Greer

Marie-Claude Francoeur

Susan “Yatesy” Yates
Anne McKenna
Jane Orbeton
Yuki Moore Laurenti
Asha Wills
Claire Williamson

Thank you Officers and Trustees for dedicating your energy to helping girls attend sleepaway camp in Maine at Camp Runoia!  Please contact President Roberta “Boop” if you would like to serve a term and provide a profound camp experience for girls.

Photo Gallery from the 110th Reunion!

Camp Store! Flip Flops, cookbooks, hoodie sweatshirts, tee shirts, towels, headbands, note cards (Shelley watercolor cards!) and more. Enjoy shopping AND supporting the Betty Cobb Campership Fund! Contact to request an order or find out about inventory and styles of clothing.

Camp Store

Donations – What your donations provide for campers:

Betty Cobb Campership full season 2018 $9600

Betty Cobb Campership one session 2018 $6200

Three Runoia meals a day – full season $750

Three Runoia meals a day – All meals for one session $375

Wilderness camping trips $250

Horse riding lessons for a session $250

Learn to sail and/or advanced sailing $175

Ocean kayaking trip $150

Swimming Lessons for the session $125

Uniform for trips, campfire, special events and cotillion $75

Awards and certifications for achievements $50

Milk and Crackers for the season $30

Memories from a profound camp experience… priceless!