Come experience our top-notch equestrian program.

We offer riders of all abilities the quality of instruction and horses found at a riding academy within the traditional camp setting found at Runoia.

Lessons at Runoia are organized by ability level to maximize learning and maintain safety. Whether your daughter is a beginner, has had a few lessons, or has been riding for years, she will find the riding program welcoming and challenging.

More Info and FAQs about the Runoia Equestrian Program

Calm and Trained Horses at Runoia
Calm and Trained Horses at Runoia

Runoia is unique in that we maintain our own herd of horses, complimented by a few private leases each summer. Campers enjoy seeing their favorite horse summer after summer. Our horses and ponies spend the off-season working in collegiate and interscholastic riding programs, returning to Runoia each summer ready to teach our campers.

Campers new to riding begin by learning the basics of leading, mounting, and steering. Riders can pass levels and learn skills such as trotting, 2 point, cantering, and jumping. Our jumping program is progressive with riders starting to work on their jump position over a ground pole and increasing with mastery.

Each session, riders have the opportunity to represent their team in our rich with tradition Blue/White horse show. With classes from walk only to 2’9” jump course, everyone who participates earns a ribbon.


Runoia also participates in shows with other camps, both hosting an invitational show at Runoia and attending shows at other camps. Shows provide riders an opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned as well as build confidence.

One ‘try it’ lesson is included in our tuition for first-time campers. Additional lessons are available for approximately $45 per lesson. Read about our Riding Lesson Packages or contact Equestrian Director and Assistant Director, Jen Dresdow, for more details about Riding packages offered.