At Camp Runoia we are building lifelong skills for campers through a safe and intentional camp experience.

We are taking what we learned about COVID-19 in 2020/21 and applying it in 2022 by:

  • Running camp with proven leadership and 2020/21 experience
  • Utilizing the great outdoors of our 150 acre campus
  • Unplugging and being with friends in a camp bubble
  • Managing best practices for Covid-19 protocols
  • Providing social interactions in a safe residential setting
  • Maintaining our established comprehensive medical protocols


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Making Runoia Magic for our 116th consecutive season

Contact us to find out more about how we will apply what we learned in 2020/21 and what we continue to study in preparation for 2022! or call our office #207-495-2228

Building Life Long Skills

Camp Runoia is an authentic, down to earth, caring sleepaway camp. 130 campers with 70 adults helping to make the experience at camp genuine and safe. Most girls stay for one session and some come for the whole summer.


Runoia shaped my life.

Runoia made me the person I am today. Life skills I learned at camp apply to my career, my family and the integrity I have for every day life.

"Runoia was responsible for shaping my personality, my priorities, my inspirations and my aspirations."


Cape Elizabeth, Maine