The 2023 Name Story

Among many other Runoia traditions, the name story is one that delights at Cotillion at the close of the summer. Each year, Alex Jackson works hard to incorporate even the trickiest of last names into a fun story to share on that final night.

The name story contains the last names of full season campers, leadership staff and few extra folk whose names added to the fun. Enjoy our 2023 name  story!

The rain in Maine falls mainly on the …..

It Shirley couldn’t rain anymore at Camp Runoia. The summer of 2023 had been so wet with rain falling in sheets even the Glucks had had enough. Howes on earth were the campers supposed to have a fun summer when everywhere was soaking and their toes were Winklering in their Wetzel shoes? They couldn’t just Lallygag around at camp all day Dresdow in their rain jackets and fending off the Colbourn in Worley sweaters. 

The counselors had to come up with a plan and fast. Grace put the Kettell on to make a Wright nice cup of tea so that they could have a planning meeting to Mullen over what to do. It aPearson was never going to come out and there was no chance of a Blauberg sky day. Assembly announcements included ‘the long range forecast looks a little Sussman with it aPerrin to never be clearing up. It’s really going to Martone of the summer for sure.’

While there were plenty of indoor activities like Weavering baskets, and a popular new class where campers could learn to Cook-Wright and Bakewell, the campers really wanted to get on with outdoor fun.  “This is no Goodman I Nadzo what to do with my SV kids – they just can’t Hackett” complained the counselors. “They would rather be at the beach getting Friedman.” There was no Vinarskying going on at the lake so no need to go down to the Marini for gas only the lonesome Martone-Gulling sound rang out over the water.

Mahedy we can Headley into town and all watch that new movie as the old proSchecter in the Lodge is Rohatyn.

Good news was that Adams and  Russells Parent had shopped at Shaws on the way to camp and provided enough contraband for all of senior end to be Mnuchin all summer long. Plenty of jelly Beans, some British Hobbsnobs Bixbys and a big box of Pridhams chocolates.

It was business as usual at riding. The horses were Nagleing and the donkeys were making a Baydin at the barn while Jackson Bradshaw  was working hard doing chores. Campers were Patarining around the ring on horses and the staff were Kleimen over the jumps to demonstrate 2 point position. ‘Don’t Mulry if you lose a stirrup you won’t fall off’ yelled Jacob

A couple of the campers from Pine Island had been hanging out  in the cove.  Ryan O’Malley was talking to  his buddy ‘Urdan don’t be such a Dorsch’ yelling Pine Island cheers. It’s the best I can do as I’m feeling Shieferstein about talking to the Runoia campers I Mrazik a fool of myself. 

It had been another eventful summer at Runoia and as the final Kells rang there were many happy tears and hugs.

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