Changing and growing

A couple of weeks ago for a spring treat and a little at home entertainment, I bought five baby chicks. They were already a week old and just the cutest, little, yellow, fluffy balls. What a difference a couple of week makes. They have doubled in size, are almost completely brown, have started to grow wing and tail feathers and are flapping around more practicing their flying skills.  They remain as noisy as ever, eat a ton of food and are messy as anything. They just do their chick thing day after day and in no time at all will be out with the rest of the flock and laying eggs to earn their keep. It is surprising how quickly they mature and grow and is just incredible to see it happen right before your eyes. We can only hang onto the memory of those cute little fuzz balls while we appreciate the delicious eggs of the grown hens.


It seems that like the chicks the world around us is changing rapidly right before our eyes too.  We live in a somewhat sedentary state while waiting to spring back into action. The future seems to be filled with the unknown and lots of unanswered questions of ‘what’s next?’ ‘how will we..?’ We really do not know what to expect from one moment to the next. It’s hard to move forward and make plans and any plans that we do make need to be fluid and open to change at a seconds notice. We know that we cannot go back to how things were just a few short weeks ago so will keep growing into this new phase of life. We will develop plans, be willing to change and move forward as best we can.

Keep growing and changing Runoia girls, we can do hard things and even if we may lose our fluffy fuzziness we will grow some really great useful wings!

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