A selfie to build Runoia community

As people that know me well will tell you, that while I may appear to be a confident, up front, extrovert, I tend to prefer the shadows and the back of the photo shot. This new world that we are living in has required a lot more up front camera work than I ever could have imagined and has really required getting out of my comfort zone practically and emotionally.

I have needed coaching from my younger professional friends about the art of taking a good selfie and how to show up in a zoom meeting so that you don’t look like you are staring out of the window or looking at your knees. I found things on my laptop that I never knew that it could do and have stretched my technology skill set to the max.  Who knew that something as simple as a small sticker by your camera would encourage you to actually look at it not at the screen? and definitely don’t read the comments while you are on live they are so exciting and distracting.

My greatest realization in the past couple of weeks is that it is better to show up virtually than not at all.   It is really not about the quality of the photo, what you are wearing, if the singing is pitch perfect or how messy the house looks, it’s about connection. Connection with the people who physically miss our faces in their everyday lives. Connection with those far away who are holding onto the familiar to get them through today’s challenges. Connection with our groups and communities for whom we are a grounding anchor. Connection with the people who we may not even know that we have an impact on as we move through our lives.

I don’t think I will ever get to love taking ‘selfies’ or going ‘live’ but I’ll keep trying to get better at it because the connections have great value to me too. We are developing new and continuing to build on existing relationships in ways that we never knew were really possible. It’s amazing!

Our Runoia community is strong and stretches generations and endless miles.

Keep reaching out and connecting anyway that you can.

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