Camp Fairs – marketing the best sleep away camp!

This week I have been on the road a bunch marketing camp both to prospective campers and potential staff. It is always interesting to consider what to say about Camp Runoia when you literally have a few seconds to make an impression and are hosted in a room full of other incredible programs. Why choose Runoia as a asleep away camp option when you can go Llama hiking in the mountains or get advanced school credit for an academic immersion program?

Camp fairs are a way for families and prospective staff to get an immersion into all of the opportunities that are available. The variety and diversity of camp programs just here in Maine is immense and there certainly is something for everyone. Camp fairs are typically in a gym or student center and have attendance of 50-100 programs. While it is fun to see camp colleagues we all know that we are all trying to make the connection with attendees to share our information and get some traction.

Most all of the programs in attendance at camp fairs have eye catching displays, fun giveaways and are staffed by great personable camp folk. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd and also to connect with the people that really are the best match for your program. The 7 year old boy wandering by trying to score a free pen is certainly not a Runoia camper but maybe he has a sister! In these days of social media and everyone googling and searching online it is fun to connect in real time with real people.

So what does make Runoia different? We are a small camp with an intimate family feel and as one of the oldest girls camps in the country we truly live the history and tradition of youth camping. Runoia creates a space for girls to be their best selves in a safe supportive community and allows campers to explore their interests and talents in a low stress environment. Runoia girls find their summer home away from home and make life long friends while building life skills.

We are still happy to send out material by mail if you would like a camp brochure! It is always a treat to stop by the tiny Belgrade Lakes Post Office to send out camp mail even in the winter.

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