Let’s Move – Camp Runoia and Physical Fitness

Camp Runoia is an active place. Campers and staff walk or run from activity to activity and burn a lot of calories. We are unplugged with no screen time during camp so even inactive time often involves play. From playing Gaga in the Gaga pit to tetherball, badminton to ping pong; chill time is less than chill. Even walking in the woods, building fairy houses or climbing up the Lookout to make friendship bracelets involves movement.

One of the former First Lady’s programs, was “Let’s Move”.  The recognition of childhood obesity and one in three American children being obese or overweight was brought to light. The consequences would mean more teens and young adults with significant health problems. The reason: more calories, less activity. Calories from fast food and junk food, high in sugar low in nutrition is readily available to children. Taking buses to school, the reduction of outdoor play time and organized gym classes also feeds the crisis.

Programs like the NFL’s Play 60 and National Academies resources encouraging movement before and after school and in the classroom are part of the movement provide incentive and resources for play.

Camp instills habit-forming fitness in people with no screen time, walking  or running from place to place, sports daily, good food, fresh air, movement and plenty of time to sleep to recharge. Camp is more than Play 60 – it’s 12-13 hours of movement every day!





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