Finale to First Session

Hello to you all from rainy Runoia. Before we move into Second Session we need to put a wrap on the first 3 weeks which just FLEW BY! The last week of camp was fun and memorable. But more importantly was the connection our campers made throughout the session along with completing their many accomplishments. It was amazing to see the friendships develop and flourish, and the campers enjoy themselves so thoroughly. In just 3 short weeks – it was an unbelievable session.

Final week recap:

Starting on Sunday we had a full blown Blue v. White competition day with soccer, softball and kickball being played by all.  The campers went all out playing some fun sports.

Monday was the start of our last of our 5 Blocks as the campers did their last activities and final projects for the Session. Lots of good stuff as campers tried to squeeze it all in.

Tuesday night we ran around Apple Tree Field playing Capture the Flag. The campers had a blast trying to catch one another, freeing their friends from “jail” and getting the flags across the center line.

Wednesday we worked around the weather as the winds picked up making our water activities tough. But the girls would not be thwarted from their fun as we wrapped up Block 5 and finished our activities for First Session.

Thursday was a day for fun. The morning began with the long swim to and from Oak Island which 14 of our campers accomplished!! That led to Blue & White Swim Races – some 30+ heats for all the girls to compete in.  We moved into an afternoon of tubing, kayaking and canoeing on Great Pond and lots of projects to finish up. In the evening we enjoyed the play – PETER PAN. Nearly 40 campers participated with the help of counselors Meg and Charley directing the way. It was a fantabulous production enjoyed by us all.

Friday was Awards and Log Night – One of our great traditions is the last night of camp. First, all of the campers received their awards acknowledging their participation and accomplishments during the summer. It was amazing to hear everything each camper achieved and put their effort into. It was especially heartwarming to hear the campers describe something they themselves were proud of. In the evening, we went down to the beach as each Shack recalled memories from their time together. We sang songs and laughed until the night was over.

On Saturday the girls departed. Many tears were shed, lots of hugs and “see you soon.”  The campers departed for France, Mexico, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Florida, Ohio, California and all over Maine and New Hampshire. See you next summer!!!

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