What’s Up After Camp?!

Our Runoia season ended in a whirlwind – the White Team was victorious, the cotillion fire was bright, the “see you laters” and “farewells”, hugs and tears were heavy and overall the memories of the summer are emblazoned in our minds.

What happens after camp? While many families vacation and return home to prepare for  pre-season sports and school, Camp Runoia is still busy with events around the lakes in August.

Weekend One after camp: Runoia alumnae came from far and near to gather by the shores of Great Pond for a celebration of the 110th summer and re-connections and new connections. Some came to see what camp is like now and some came to enjoy the peacefulness and calm, sit by a campfire, read the Logs and sing camp songs.

Singing around the Camp Fire at Runoia's Reunion
Singing around the Camp Fire at Runoia’s Reunion

Others came to fulfill their part of fundraising for the Betty Cobb Campership Fund and make the now famous swim to Oak Island part of their fund raising feather in a (swim)cap.

The Famous Oak Island Swim - now a Campership Fund Raiser!
The Famous Oak Island Swim – now a Campership Fund Raiser!

Weekend Two: Cobb family and friends descend upon camp for a relaxing and fun filled weekend. ’nuff said.

Gathering Before the Race at the Runoia Beach
Family Fun
Family Fun

Weekend Three: The Great Pond Yacht Club holds the annual “Hurricane Cup” at Camp Runoia. Super fun sailing with 15 boats in the race this year.  https://greatpondyachtclub.com/

Weekend Four: Coming up! The Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance will held the 7th annual “Run for the Lakes” From Runoia’s gate. An out and back 5K, professionally timed event. Find your registration info here:

http://www.maine.info/events/running/september.php#3385 or http://www.belgradelakes.org/events.html

Pretty soon it will be pumpkin season around camp. Enjoy the start back to school! And look for emails from camp about sign up for next summer!


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