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Hi, my name is Phoebe. I’m eleven, and I was in second shack last year. I think that one of the reasons that Runoia is such a great place to be, is because everyone there is like family. Everybody is so nice no matter what. Currently, my cousin, Erin, is a counselor and it was just my sister’s last year as a camper. I also had a cousin, Megan who went to camp too. Although I have some real family there, I also have all of my friends who seem just like sisters to me.

Another great thing about camp is that it doesn’t matter if you are way older than your best friend or way younger than her either. Camp is like a whole other world where everybody is super nice.

Now last but not least, the counselors at camp make everything super fun. All of the activities would not be the same without them. In the shack, they are always there to comfort you if you get homesick, and out of the shack, they are always willing to help you try new things and achieve your goals.

To sum it everything at camp comes down to being a great community. It is pretty much just one big happy family


Our Author Phoebe
Our Author Phoebe
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