Big G! Interview with Runoia’s own Gines on Fitness and Nutrition “Holiday Style”

Runoia News Reporter: How did you get started in fitness and decide to pursue your Personal Trainer certification?

  • Gines: Playing varsity field hockey for high school and competing internationally in martial arts made me realize how fitness would be a benefit in my strength and endurance. Plus giving back through outdoor education. I like sharing with others.

RNR: When you were a full time Personal Trainer what was your biggest challenge? Do you have any funny stories?

  • G: Helping people stay committed when they miss sessions. One client, told me he would be fully honest with his food journal and do extra “burpies” to pay back his overeating. After a few weeks he had accumulated 1200 burpies (he stuck to it and we worked it out over a number of sessions together!).

    Integrate Burpees into your Routine for Extra Credit!
    Integrate Burpees into your Routine for Extra Credit!

RNR: Recently you’ve gotten into snow shoeing, how did that come about?

  • G: Moving to Maine and wanting to run. I saw snowshoeing races and recognized that as a running opportunity. Last winter I entered a race and performed well and now I’m really into it. In February, I’m running a snowshoe race in the Waterville, Maine area!

    Winter Activity is Family Fun!
    Winter Activity is Family Fun!

RNR: Your passion for staying active outdoors in NE is backed up by your dedication to Winter Kids and serving on the Winter Kids Board of Directors, what is that about?

  • G: Having a family plays a big part of being inspired to help others get out and enjoy the outdoors no matter what the winter weather is like. And my basic passion for spreading information to others… helping kids get away from the TV and be healthy and fit.

RNR: Nutrition – what part does nutrition play into your fitness regime?

  • G: You really can’t out-exercise a really bad diet. Nutrition is so important as part of an overall regime. Think about what you are eating to nourish your body.

RNR: What food or drink do you like to start your day with?

  • G: I drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. I’m a big coffee drinker (since my early 20s) so, I enjoy a good morning brew J Granola and yogurt is my go-to breakfast food.  After I work out, I like to make a green drink. Look for recipes in our next blogs.

    Banana Green Drink!
    Banana Green Drink!

RNR: Do you have any tips for people about nutritious foods/drinks?

  • G: Change things slowly, introduce new foods a little at a time.

RNR: How ‘bout the holidays? Any hints for people keeping a balance in fitness and nutrition over the holidays and school break?

  • G: If you reach for second cookie or treat, make yourself have a glass of water first. Often you don’t have the urge for the treat afterwards.
  • G: Schedule a group activity. For instance, go for a family walk, meet your cousin to go for a run – committing to other people make you accountable and you’re spreading the cheer!

RNR: The past two summers you have brought two special events to Camp Runoia in the form of 5 Million Step Race and Runoia’s first Triathlon? What’s in store for Runoia this summer?!

  • G: The afternoon “running club” during free time is popular and girls can plan to get fit for school sports when they are at camp. I’d love for girls to discover the joy of trail running – so we’ll be doing quite a bit of that this summer.

RNR: Any final thoughts?

  • G: Don’t be too hard on yourself – enjoy the holidays!
  • G: Regarding a New Year’s Resolution here’s three tips: be sure to write down your goal, set a deadline and make it public!






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