Camp is a gift

All my kids really wanted for the holidays this year was to see their grandparents and get to play with their cousins.  A sweet and apparently simple request unless of course all of those family members that you love happen to live 3000 miles away in another country!

The week before Thanksgiving I surprised them with the news that we would be leaving to spend ten days across the pond.  While the thought of a red eye to England alone with 2 small children was a little daunting and the cost of plane tickets blew our holiday budget it seemed like the perfect gift for everyone. With just a few tears as we waited for our late night connection in Philly we made it to an overjoyed Gran and Granddad.  The smiles on everyone’s face walking out of customs into the arms of the people you have been longing to see every day for the past 8 months was definitely worth the night of the no sleep and could never have a monetary value.

Blackpool-1Making memories that will last a life time, forging connections and building relationships has far more value than the store bought toys that soon lie forgotten or are looked over when the next fad comes along.

Camp provides children with a chance to build life skills and develop relationships away from home in a place where they are truly cherished and that they come to love.  To those parents that gift camp to their kids for the Holidays while they may wish they had more wrapped gifts thank you! you are truly giving them the gift of new opportunities and lifetime memories that they can treasure forever.

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