Mid Summer

A Mid Summer Night’s Dream

After saying ‘goodnights’ during the summer, I walk up from Senior Village at around 10pm through the dark.  The sky is filled with stars I don’t carry a flashlight as I know the paths well.  Some nights are so dark there are moments when I think I may lose my way on others the moon is bright in the often clear, Maine sky.  I am met on the kickball field by the odd firefly. They catch me by surprise and always seem so mysterious with their ability to produce light.

At the end of a busy day camp is quiet and still. The girls and many of the counselors are in their beds.  They may still be reading or writing a letter home but most are already asleep.  It is one of my favorite times of day at Camp Runoia.

As we embrace the middle of our camp season it is a great time to reflect on the gift of camp.  To be able to live, work and play in such a beautiful place surrounded by nature and people who love being here is beyond compare.  We have a deep appreciation for the gift that we have all been given.

208px-Oberon,_Titania_and_Puck_with_Fairies_Dancing._William_Blake._c.1786As I fall asleep listening to the loons I imagine the magic that exists around me and dream of fairies dancing at Fairy Ring.

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