New Skills

This week I learned something new! Something I thought I would be hopeless at which turned out remarkably well!  I can now build LEGOS!! Yep I know you are all laughing and thinking everyone can do that but not me!  My kids never really had Legos before we just had blocks but this Christmas we got 5 sets of hard core Legos that build a specific project.  Little did I know that one box can contain over 1000 pieces!  Many of you know that while I can organize an entire camp filled with many people pretty easily the thought of having to do a crafty type project usually gives me hives and rarely gets good results, and no I have never made a basket!

I surprised myself on many fronts I was successful (OK let’s ignore the fact that it is designed for 5-12 year olds!) I truly had fun and was even building long after the kids had gone to bed, my kids saw me doing something they knew was hard for me and I honestly cannot wait for the weekend to build some more!

The whole process reminded me of the amazing transformation camp has on our girls, every day they go out of their comfort zone, try new things, amaze themselves with things they never thought they could do and best of all they have FUN!

Find something new and challenging to do to keep yourself busy through the dark winter days it will be summer before we know it.

Alex the Lego master


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