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Rabbit Rabbit!                                                                 August 1, 2014


As this note from Great Pond is written, it’s Friday the first day of August. We can hardly believe it! Your camper’s note will be added this weekend and on Monday this letter will make its way to you over land and sea.


We awoke to a foggy Maine morning. This Polar Vortex thing is really a thing here at camp. Temperatures dipped into the 60s upon dawn and we expect them to creep up to the 70s again today. A pattern we saw develop this week as we continued with all activities at Runoia.


Camp is abuzz with its usual activities that are more than your every day happenings: surfing in the wind, Dragonfly zipping, shooting 22s, hosting Camp Caribou for an archery tournament, waterskiing, throwing a pot, jumping a horse, practicing for A Perfect Storm, woven baskets, thrown pots, shot pictures, painted batik and scarves, practiced soccer skill drills and conditioning runs and much more. In addition to all that, a few people have canoeing on their minds and have been wearing canoes on their heads. We’ve learned about wood peckers and owls and also learned a lot of Runoia songs this week.


Trips went to Mooselookmeguntic, Katahdin, Camden Hills, Oak Island for camping trips and Mt. Blue, Maiden Cliffs and Bradbury Mountain for day trips.  Some campers stayed in camp to enjoy workshops – longer blocks of time at specific activities.


Our evenings were filled with talent show acts, scavenger hunts, a campfire with the theme of New Beginnings, Miss Tacky Runoia and more. Graduating senior campers are working on their plaques for the Boat House and other special events are happening throughout camp. They include milk and cracker dance parties, special DOT jumping times, walking the camp dogs, spa with Barb, baking cookies with 2 Sophies and Chandler, an early morning swim, skiing at Rest Hour and other prizes won at the Gold Rush auction.


Camp food is really nothing like “camp food”. From Pasta Bar to Chicken Devine and blueberry muffins to graham cracker pie, the kitchen crew keeps us well fed and happy.


Until next week,



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