Why Should Your Child Ride Horses?

From our Director of Riding at Camp Runoia: Jennifer Dresdow, who discovered this piece about riding by Rick Naband wanted to share as she feels it pertains to our girls riding horses at overnight camp in Maine

Why Should Your Child Ride Horses?

Riding becomes a life long passion for some. This sport impacts a child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. How fortunate the child who can have the privilege of cantering around a large, living animal!

Horseback riding is physically demanding from raising up the saddle to the withers and then doing the “two-point” in the ring. It improves coordination and balance. Few sports make demands, bilaterally, on the body. Horse back riding is one of the sports that does.

Emotionally, riding can build character. It makes a child be and feel more responsible. They are accountable for this huge 1000 pound breathing creature. They learn empathy for the friend who has just fallen off, or the one who missed the course at the show. They mentor younger kids around the barn and that builds self confidence. They exchange and interact with adults and this only serves to increase their social skills.They are challenged to take risks. They meet new people and travel to new places.

Should they elect to compete at a show, they learn to be a humble winner or a gracious loser. They learn to handle disappointment or celebrate achieving a goal after committing themselves to working very hard all year round.

They are lifting, riding, feeding, falling, eating, cleaning, mucking, traveling, getting up early, organizing themselves… different than soccer, baseball, track or field hockey

So don’t be afraid parents to spend a few bucks on riding lessons for your kids.. chances are you’ll have to spend on an activity anyway… horses can teach your child life skills they will never forget, and that is priceless!!”

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