A Runoia girl

What a Runoia girl is to me – Emily Friedman aged 9

At the end of every summer, looking back, I remember Runoia. Each summer is better than the last. Camp inspires me to be who I am and know that there are people out there that really care about me.  Sometimes even a whole shack of friends!

IMG_1240These photos represent camp to me.  The images show some of the places around camp. I also created a model of arts and crafts, a ropes course, drama, woodshop and camp craft. Most of these are my favorite activities. This set up helped me remember Camp when I was missing it after first session was over and I was back at home.


camp rules


I always remember that:

  • Every night, someone at Runoia thinks about you before they go to sleep.
  • At least fifteen Runoia girls somewhere in this world love you.
  • There are at least two Runoia girls that would die for you.
  • You mean the world to a Runoia girl.
  • Someone that you don’t even know from camp loves you.
  • When you make a big mistake at camp, something good comes from it.
  • When you think your friend has turned her back on you, take another look.
  • Always remember the compliments you’ve received from Runoia girls.

Runoia girls will…




Never hate





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