Wilderness Trip Program

Maine is a gorgeous state from the rugged coast to the bald mountain tops.

Day trips offer a change of pace providing you with an opportunity to engage in the beauty of our pine tree state. You will come back to camp with renewed energy and excited to share with others the adventures you have had through trip stories and songs. You’ll climb mountains, take outings to the coastal beaches and canoe or sail on our beautiful Great Pond – 8000 acres of fresh water lake.

Overnight and wilderness trips have been a long standing tradition at Camp Runoia. Going out into the wilderness in small, guided groups allows growth and development for campers that is simple and magical. Camp Runoia is committed to the philosophy of low impact camping and helping campers to foster an appreciation for the astounding beauty of the wilderness and becoming stewards of our precious earth. Trip choices are based on age and experience range from one to six nights. Hiking and canoeing are available in each age group.

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