Farm & Garden

Tag up for farm and garden and learn about sustainable farming. Help take care of our farmyard animals: chickens, goats, guinea pigs and bunnies. You can also learn about growing your own organic vegetables in our greenhouse and raised garden beds, and help with composting, flower growing and pest control. The major class takes time on Fridays to go on a field trip to our local CSA farm to collect our farm shares for the week. Classes may also cut and arrange flowers, plant their own vegetables to take home. You’ll learn to stake up vegetables, rotate crops, harvest greens for salad. Each week you may create dish to add to the salad bar for the whole camp or cook your own meal of farm eggs and veggies in your class. From harvesting veggies, growing and cutting flowers, caring for animals and collecting eggs from the hens, you will learn a lot about what is now a nationwide movement to grow your own food. Needless to say, learning where food comes from is an important discovery many campers make at Runoia.

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