Alex Martone-Jackson

With nearly three decades of unwavering commitment to camp life and positive youth development, Alex is the driving force behind our year-round operation, ensuring that every summer at Runoia is filled with magic and growth.

A cherished member of the Runoia family since 1995, Alex originally hails from the Greater Manchester area of England. Her journey into the world of American summer camps began as a first-year counselor in Maine while pursuing her BSc in Physical Education and Sports Science. Alex found Camp Runoia while still a student, and ultimately made her full-time career here, building her Director role out of her passion for providing safe spaces for growth and learning, and her belief in the value of an uncomplicated, joy-filled summer. Her twenty-five plus summers at Runoia, including over a decade as a Director, exemplify her unwavering commitment to camping excellence.

Despite her demanding role, Alex still finds time to be hands-on, teaching campers at the ropes course, serving meals, or leading adventures by the lake. She gets to know each camper and their families, building our Runoia community year after year. With both her house and her office right in the middle of camp, Alex draws her energy from the buzz of camp during the summer months, and particularly enjoys the unplanned moments of connection with campers and staff.

Beyond the summer months, Alex leads and guides our year-round team, continuing to connect with families and overseeing camp upgrades and program design and improvements. Her meticulous attention to detail and dedication, in collaboration with the Leadership Team, ensures Camp Runoia’s spot as one of the country’s premier overnight camps.

A prominent figure within the camp community, Alex is not only a member of the Maine Summer Camps board but also actively contributes to the Maine State trip leaders committee. She has a Masters degree in Camp Administration and Leadership from Touro University; as one of Maine’s longest-serving American Camp Association Standards Visitors, she helps other camps be their best and uses that knowledge and experience to ensure Runoia exceeds expectations for safety and quality in all areas of camp.

Her dedication to upholding camp traditions while infusing a progressive spirit embodies her vision for Runoia’s longevity and excellence. With Alex at the helm, Camp Runoia continues to flourish, providing campers with unforgettable experiences and cherished memories year after year.

In the off-season, Alex lives in Maryland with her partner, children, and a large assortment of two and four legged creatures (and Bubbles the snake).
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