Camp Runoia continues our professional development

This week: Diversity and a continued commitment to youth development

Another week and yet another opportunity for professional development right here in Maine with a another amazing, national level speaker .  This weeks workshop was presented by Maine Summer Camps, the consortium of Maine camps that comes together to ‘support and promote meaningful developmental, educational, environmental, and recreational experiences for children.’  Camp Runoia is a long time and active member of this group and is always keen to participate in any opportunities that promote further growth and learning.

Unlike many industries the Maine summer camp community is invested in working together to provide the best camping opportunities for all children.   We are a diverse group for sure so it was particularly fitting that our workshop speaker was Niambi Jaha- Echols.

Niambi Jaha-Echols

An expert in ‘cross cultural agility’ Niambi’s focus was about inclusion, diversity and our unique position as an industry to create diversely rich communities that value everyone equally.  We were lucky enough to work with Niambi last year at our Runoia staff training and this was a great reminder of our commitment to all girls and to creating a truly diverse community where everyone is valued.

It is always interesting to network with other camp professionals, to discuss common factors and also learn from our differences.  There are so many different ways to provide the camping experience and there truly are camps that best suit the needs of every child.  By opening our doors as widely as we can and staying true to our goals and missions we can build relationships and connections among groups of people who may never come into contact.

Highly recommended is the ‘Seeing White‘ podcast series that challenges our perceptions and calls us to true action.

At Camp Runoia we try our best to challenge ourselves to grow and develop, to meet the needs of the changing world that we work and live in and to provide as many girls as possible with an exceptional overnight camp experience.  We are always open to hearing comments and opinions of others, to rethinking the way we approach things and to recommitting to our goals and mission.

Building Lifelong Skills – CIT Program at Camp Runoia

Being a CIT (Counselor-in-Training) is not just another year at camp – it’s the opportunity to develop and refine some of the life skills that universities and employers value most in their students and employees. Studies show that the most sought-after students and employees are those with strong 21st Century skills and experience in teamwork, problem solving and creativity, organization, decision making, leadership, communication, perseverance, and positions of responsibility.

Top Reasons To Be A CIT

  • Stepping into leadership roles in camp including planning and executing special events and learning and practicing teaching skills through hands-on experiences and feedback
  • Training in group dynamics, risk management, youth development, communication, behavior management
  • Immersion in the skills of problem solving, decision making, organization, goal setting, creativity, and flexibility.
  • Serving as a role model and leader of younger campers
  • Working collaboratively as a team to accomplish goals
  • Community service
  • Honing activity skills and participating in certification programs in Junior Maine Guide, Lifeguarding and Archery
  • Developing confidence and skill in public speaking

Even in these cold days of January we are busy preparing for, and dreaming about, the coming summer. We love having your girls at camp and seeing them graduate from their camper years. When they pass this milestone, we invite you to consider the next chapter of Runoia for your daughters. We know that there are many opportunities for them during the summers of their high school years… community service trips, immersion learning programs, sports camps, family experiences, jobs, and just plain fun. Our CIT program is another amazing opportunity for girls to grow, develop, add to their “resume”, and experience a fun, intensive leadership training program. We would love to have them join us as CITs.