Runoia’s Super Staff – camp staff training recap 2023

Would it even be a Runoia opening day without a little rain? Probably not – and what a perfect first opportunity of summer 2023 for our staff to practice our ‘we can deal’ skills learned all throughout camp staff training!

Today was the day we’ve been preparing for for nearly two weeks now – our campers are here! We’re waiting so eagerly for our last few friends to arrive via bus and plane, but camp is already buzzing with reunions and the beginnings of new friendships alike.

Our super staff once again made arrival day a breeze for campers, families, and each other by putting their skills to use. Over the past twelve days, we’ve built a community together and learned so much so quickly.

We kicked off staff training in classic Camp Runoia style – with tie-dyeing, a campfire, s’mores, and lots of singing!

Even after days of tricky weather, our transportation guru Jen Dresdow got all of our staff – from near and far – safely to camp in time. We’re lucky to be back fully with lots of international staff this year from a plethora of countries – our 2023 staff are representing Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia!

Evie helps train and support new staff members in ropes

We balanced activity time and full group training sessions, and brought in some experts on important topics like JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) from training group OAAARs, camper and staff mental health, and camper safety in our community.

We even made enough time for a few fun surprises (can you imagine: root beer floats at the waterfront? Star’bunks’ the day before kids arrive? Taking the entire staff tubing the night before opening day?!)

Our staff learned how to teach from “Runoia experts” in their activity areas all week, and got to test out their skills with their peers and with a local school group this past Wednesday. We were lucky enough that amidst all of the rain, we got sunshine and calm waters that day!

Over the past few days, we tied up all loose ends, tidied up the cabins, made welcome signs and chore charts, and savored a few final moments in our community before growing times three today. We welcomed the end of staff training knowing that it was more-so the beginning of something even more wonderful to come. Our staff are so happy to have our campers here, and we can’t wait to share all about the growing we’ll be doing and fun we’ll be having all summer long.

See you then –

Love, Aionur

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