The Staff Low-Down at Camp Runoia

It’s no secret that at Runoia, we like to plan ahead and be prepared for the coming season so that we can be as spontaneous and in-the-moment as possible during summer. With so many of our camper spaces filled by returners and new friends already, we’ve now set our sights on putting together the best staff ever. In just a few weeks, with lots of effort made by Jen and the team, we have over 30 staff members committed to the 2023 season, with more pending! It’s definitely a puzzle each year, so here’s the low-down on staff at Camp Runoia:

Where do our staff come from?

Currently, with just over 30 staff hired and many more to come, we are representing 12 states from within the country, and 5 total countries already. While our international representation looks a little different each year, the flags hanging in the Lodge act as a historical reference of all of the countries every represented at Runoia, by campers or staff. While it’s increasingly rare each year, when a new country is represented by a camper or staff, the flag is added to the Lodge. So far this hiring season, we’re welcoming staff from Mexico, England, Scotland, and Australia! We can’t wait to hear them sing their national anthem to our community on the 4th of July this summer!


Who do we hire?

We focus on hiring people with a child-centered mindset and the flexibility to join us for the summer. Oftentimes, this means college-students, our former CITs and JCs, folks in grad school, teachers or other professionals in education, traveling nurses, and people in-between steps in life. I myself joined the team for what I thought would be just one summer in between undergrad and grad, and well … you know the rest.

What is it like to work a summer at Runoia?

If you really want an inside look at the Runoia staff experience, your best option is to follow our TikTok. We regard our counselors as the hardest workers we know – the job is often challenging and exhausting, but always worth it for the amazing moments and memories made every day. We live “10 for 2” here at Runoia, and we put all of our energy in those 2 months! While the experience could never be captured in just words, here are just a few glimpses of the camp counselor life at Runoia:

  • four periods a day of sharing your skills in an activity area you’re passionate about
  • guaranteed giggles every day
  • finding new best friends amongst fellow staff members
  • feeling proud of yourself for rising to challenges, solving problems, and supporting your campers
  • applicable skills gained for college, your resume, interviews, and your career
  • a summer full of #FMDs – Fine Maine Days – in the New England summer sun
  • a chance to let go and be your silliest, most authentic self – and feel good doing it

Where do our staff go?

Our hope every summer is that our staff will have the ability to return for summers on end – and while some do, like our teachers, not everyone has the flexibility. So many of our staff eventually graduate college and succeed in getting an amazing full-time job. Luckily, camp skills are life skills! You might be surprised to know that there’s a camp situation for just about every interview question there is, so whether our counselors become a teacher or an accountant, it doesn’t matter – those skills and experiences are in their back pocket, ready to go.

Do you know someone who would love to join our team?

Tap your favorite college student or teacher on the shoulder and send them our application!

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