The 2020 name story

CRH name story 2020 – A Summer unlike any other!

The name story is a tradition that goes into the Log. It contains the last names of everyone who was at camp for the season – this year it is our staff and CIT’s.

It was a summer like Runoia had never seen, with a Sirois global pandemic raging . The directors May have worried for a moment but then put on their thinking caps and in a hot Minnick figured out how to open camp. Instead of Tremblaying with fear they Weavered together a brilliant plan, Knoxed on wood and hoped that they could pull it off. If you had been Perrin into a crystal ball you couldn’t have predicted this summer!

Camp needed a few additions to be able to navigate the Covid 19 protocols so Jackson’s, Eddy and Craig showed up to put in sinks, they needed a few Moremen to help pitch some tents. The O’Malleys were too busy so Dresdowed with masks on Johnson, Lee and Robinson Philips showed up to help. The Billings for all extra supplies came pouring in which almost Bokored the bank.

The summer weather was spectacular with lots of ‘fine Maine days’ . It was incredible that the grass didn’t get Brown without any rain.  The awesome kitchen crew had all of the Franitza’s blowing in the kitchen to keep it cool.

While a lot of things were different so much remained the same. The Kells were ringing more often for meal shifts and program times. As always the camp food was great, it wasn’t too Clancy but sure was delicious.  Spaghetti on the first night with Marini Saucier was a hit. There were  the usual Heubergers and Wieners at Saturday night cook out’s. Delicious cookies that were Bakewell’d and even the old Cobb salad was spiced up with some Mintz from the garden.  The Oldfields looked the same with the addition of a Weiss big tent under the Goodoak on the kickball field. Campfires on Sundays needed some social distancing but singing with masks on wasn’t too bad.

Sadly none of the international staff or campers could travel so there wasn’t any speaking of French or Spanish on Sundays. While it was sad not to see old friends campers quickly became close and Maxwell all of their opportunities. 

The counselors and staff were super stars and spent all of their time at camp with no Maroneing. They finNagled some deals with local vendors and even got Days deliveries which was very Hamby. One of the staff Garrod and headed to the lake for some fishing.The Bickford vans stayed parked in the lot as there were no trips heading out.

The time flew by and before long the final Hornbsoteled and it was time to pack up and head home. Everything got cleaned and put away,  staff got out the Kirby vacuum cleaners to give the shacks a good clean, ‘Stanislawski on the lake’ said Gibson, Harris the ski boat driver. They Lorenz the flags and there were a few tears “Hommel I’m so sad to be Guimond home” lamented a camper.

It could have been a very Solimine summer if camp had closed but instead it turned into a fantastic experience that went off without a Hitch.

By Alex Jackson celebrating her 25th summer on Great Pond!

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