The Log Dedication to Our Planet by Grace Pratt

Log Dedication 2019

When I was asked to write this dedication, I wasn’t sure where to start.  What could I possibly relate to every Runoia girls’ 2019 summer?  I thought for a long time about what makes camp such a special place.  After nine summers at Runoia, I still find it impossible to explain the magic of camp to the outsiders.  How can this place bring so many wonderful people together and create such long-lasting friendships and memories?Maine Coast Trip

Loon on Great PondWhile contemplating this question, I landed upon the phrase we start every day at camp with. “Grant that we have safe and fun days and that we respect each other, ourselves and our planet.”  This pledge reflects Runoia’s core values: the importance of caring for the things and people around us.  We as a community demonstrate these values in a number of ways, ranging from picking up a forgotten plate on the kickball field to comforting a homesick friend.

Tonight, I would like to focus on the last word of that pledge.  Our planet has changed disproportionally over the last century.  While environmental issues such as climate change threaten Earth’s natural places, I’m happy to see campers, directors, and counselors alike taking advantage of every “fine Maine day” offered to them, whether that be through enjoying activities, participating in trips, or simply relaxing in the outdoors. Runoia is a magical place, but that magic wouldn’t be possible without the planet we live on.  Earth is our common ground, the reason we get to explore, grow, and connect.  Therefore, I would like to dedicate the 2019 log to our planet, and those who live in harmony with it.





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