Ready, set, go: It’s camp time!

Camp is already humming with activity as we prepare for the arrival of our campers in just two weeks.  Staff have started to arrive, the horses have arrived back from their winter homes, the grass seems to need cutting on a daily basis and buildings are shedding their winter dust.  Even with a lengthy to do list every day, the excitement is palpable as each day brings us closer to our Camp Runoia girls arriving.   We are sure that everything will be ready by opening day.

Many of our campers are finishing off their final days of school, saying goodbye to friends for the summer and starting to pack their camp trunks.  Our inboxes are filled with questions from new parents and forms and information as families tie up all the paperwork loose ends before sending their daughter off to Great Pond.

The horses made fast work of the grass in the pasture.

The barn has been bustling with activity getting all of the horses settled in and used to the camp routines.  Many of our horses spend their winters working in college programs so they are fit and ready for their camper riders.  Our bunny King Louis is already in residence and the chickens just joined the barn yard fun.


The waterfront is ready to roll with a new addition to the dock system, boats are sitting on their moorings waiting to be sailed and the floats are ready for the first enthusiastic jumpers and divers.  A few more ‘fine Maine days’ and the water will be warmed right up.

Our hard working team of pre-camp workers have been making sure the grounds are in tip top shape, grass mowed, porches painted, paths mulched, gardens trimmed, flower boxes planted, there may even be a surprise or two in store.

Kate the great!

We truly are counting down the minutes until the rest of the staff arrive for training this weekend and then it will be time to open the gates to our campers.

Bring on the Camp Runoia 113th season; we are so ready so let’s go!

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