Ready Set Go – All Runoia All Summer!

This is the time of summer we bring people, our camp counselors, kitchen crew, summer maintenance team, directors, assistant directors, health team and specialist together from all over the world to build team, complete certification for training, practice teaching with each and our camp neighbors and friends, run emergency drills and plan for trips out of camp. Let’s break it down!

Just like our campers need a chance to get oriented to Runoia, meet people they will build friendships with, find out all the cool stuff they can do at sleepover camp and learn the rules about how to do them safely, so do our Camp Runoia counselors.

Our director team takes charge and spends 10-14 hours each day working with counselors in small and large groups to accomplish the feat. If you are wondering why we aren’t replying to your emails right away, that’s why!

We have discovered we have an AMAZING group of people, a diverse group (age, backgrounds, cultures, citizenship, religions, the colors of our skin and the different fields of education, new staff, returning staff, campers who are now college age staff). How lucky are we?!

Here are some pictures from our two days of training thus far:

DSC_0466 DSC_0459 DSC_0437 DSC_0393 DSC_0479

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