Dreaming of Camp Runoia

Dreaming of Camp –

By  new camper Ella G, age 9 & Jeannie Fleming-Gifford


I am super excited to go to camp,

It sounds like a lot of fun.

There is a lake for swimming and plenty of time to just play in the sun.

I can’t wait to try so many new activities.

Things I have never done before.

I can’t wait to meet new friends,

from all over the world we will explore.

Bunking with those my age, we’ll make friendships that will last for years.

At the end of the summer I may cry, but I’ll smile through my tears.

Water skiing, swimming, ceramics, archery, sailing…so many new things to try.

I will reach inside for confidence instead of feeling like I would hide.

With support around me, there is no telling what I may do, or who I will become as I explore someplace new.

Campfires, telling stories and singing,

This is how we connect.

And I can’t wait to see my cabin…

I wonder if the top or bottom bunk will be mine?

Whatever it is, I’ll snuggle at night as we share stories and songs.

And dream of the tomorrows

Where more adventure and fun awaits…

At ole camp Runoia.


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