Spring migration

The early mornings just after sunrise are noisy again here in Maine. The birds are back! While there are some hardy species that winter over up here many of our feathered friends head off to warmer climates over the winter and only head back north when it warms up. It’s an earlier than usual spring and we had very little snow and it seems like the birds are back earlier. While the migration does start in February it is not as noticeable until the songbirds are back or the large hawks can be seen in the leafless trees along the highways. They come in waves dependent upon when their food source is available. Check out this cool schedule of which birds show up in Maine when.

The noisy Canada Geese are an easy spot; they use Maine at both ends of the summer as a pit stop on their migration travels. The loons that spend winter out on the ocean have returned to the lakes and their calls fill the evening air once again. It’s amazing that birds have an internal clock that tells them it’s time to start fattening up for the trip north. Then head out on their long flight to arrive at just the right time.

If you want more information about Maine birds pick up a field guide there is so much to learn.

The great blue heron is a regular evening visitor in our cove.

The spring migration reminds me so much of camp time. Our campers and staff gather from their far flung locations to come back to their summer home. The winding down of the school year sets in motion the excitement for the coming of summer and the transition to camp. There is planning and preparation, purchases to make, travel to schedule, luggage to pack and then the journey itself. Like the birds we start getting antsy as summer creeps nearer, keen to be on our way but needing to wait until just the right moment to depart.

Pam and Mark will be back first to dust the cobwebs off their summer house and start getting things open and ready for the work crews to come in. The horses will be an early arrival as they like time to settle in and get back into the swing of the Runoia barn routine. Then it’s the staffs turn, coming in from all of their varied locations to bond and build a team for the summer. The most exciting day will be June 27th when finally our girls arrive! To have camp filled with noise and chatter, laughter and singing is what we are all longing for.

We can’t wait for the camp migration to begin.


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